Travels in Finland and Bosia-Herzegovina


In the summer of 1873, whilst still a student at Brasenose, Arthur Evans travelled to Finnish Lapland with a school friend, Francis Maitland Balfour and later in 1875 to Boznia-Herzegovina. These travels are now the subject of an exciting new exhibition at the Pitt Rivers Museum, curated by Philip Grover. Travels in Finland and Bosia-Herzegovina: An Ethnographic Collection of Sir Arthur Evans features drawings, sketches and photographs by Evans, who became most famous for excavating the Palace of Knossos in Crete in 1893 and onwards. He was Keeper of the Ashmolean Museum from 1884 and became Honorary Keeper and Perpetual Visitor of the Ashmolean in 1908.

Arthur Evans matriculated from Brasenose on 9 June 1870, aged 18, graduating with a first class degree in Modern History in 1874. Evans was elected to an Honorary Fellowship in January 1891 and was an Official Fellow 1901-1908. During his lifetime Evans would have seen many great architectural changes made at Brasenose, with the building of New Quad and Stamford House and the demolition of many old buildings. His contribution to the Ale Verses of 1873 can be found in the Brasenose College Archives.

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