Cyril Pearce Harvey Q.C.

Cyril Pearce Harvey Q.C.


The library recently acquired a pencil and charcoal portrait of Cyril Pearce Harvey who read law at BNC. The portrait, dated 1923, is by a friend of his, an American Rhodes Scholar named Hank Newton, known as “Newt” who was also a member of Brasenose in the 1920’s.

The portrait was kindly presented to us by Cyril’s son, Anthony Harvey in early November this year and is now hanging in the Stallybrass Library.

Cyril Pearce Harvey Q.C. (1900-1968)

Cyril Harvey came to Brasenose in 1919 and obtained Firsts in Jurisprudence (1922) and BCL (1923). He won the Vinerian Scholarship (1923) and was extremely popular in college.

In 1923 he was called to the Bar by the Inner Temple. He became a KC in 1950 and was elected a Bencher of the Inner Temple in 1958.

The Times 10th January 1968

“The Bar has lost, by Cyril Harvey’s death, one of its liveliest and most open minds. He hated humbug and could expose it more wittily than any other lawyer of his time. His occasional contributions to legal papers were a delight. He was a sensible and amusing critic of out-dates laws and practices and favoured law reform when it had fewer champions that today. He was a delightful companion; could talk on any subject, play any game, back any chance. The Temple will be a duller place without him.”


Obituaries can be found on pages 226-228 of the Brazen Nose Volume  XIV 1965- 1968.

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