Old Cloisters

Most of you will be aware of the project to expand the library in to the Old Cloisters beneath it. Before further steps can be taken there is a certain amount of crucial archaeological investigative work to be carried out. We are now in this Old Cloisters exploratory phase which involves lifting areas of the suspended floor to reveal the stone floor beneath it, lifting some of the stone flags and digging holes and trenches in order to establish exactly how deeply buried the bodies are. The work required at least one of the headstones to be lifted so there was a slight delay while college applied for permission to do this. When the area is transformed in to a library reading room the aim is not only to make use of the original floor but to keep it in the original position (i.e. lower that the current suspended floor) and essentially this will only be possible if the bodies are buried deeply enough and arranged in such a way that services can be run underneath the stone floor without causing any disturbance to the graves. English Heritage and the University Archaeologist are closely involved in an advisory capacity to ensure that the investigatory work is carried out correctly.

Here are the photos from this term, so far…

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