66 men of Grandpont

Regular readers of the Library and Archives blog may be interested to know more about a local history project, which has recently made use of the College Archives. A south Oxford community project, run by a group of local volunteers, has been researching the lives of 66 men from Grandpont (close to the Abingdon Road) who died in the First World War and whose names appear on the memorial in St Matthew’s Church.

Many of the men who died were Oxford College servants, and they included the son of Thomas Townsend, who was a servant at Brasenose from 1872 to 1916. The research offers an extremely interesting insight into the lives of those who resided in Grandpont and the social and cultural interests of many of the College servants and those in other professions, working in Oxford at this time.

A 40 minute documentary film has been produced by the project, under the direction of Liz Woolley, and is due to be shown at the Ultimate Picture Palace on 10 September as part of the Oxford Open Doors weekend. More information about the project can be found here.





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